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Multi-Day Tickets


Plan on staying a while? With our Multi-Day tickets, you can purchase all days at the same time. All Multi-Day tickets must be used consectivley, with a 2 day buffer, ex: you have 4 days to use your 2 day ticket or 5 days to use your 3 day ticket


Our Multi-Day Tickets are available during all Weekends and Holidays including the following 2019/2020 Holiday Periods: Dec 23-Jan 1, Jan 18-20 & Feb 15th-23rd


Direct to Lift AXCESS Card


Catamount and Berkshire East are excited to be using Axess Gates. All of our lifts have RFID gates for ticket checking. Guests must load their DTL Axcess card with the desired product. Once you have your DTL card, you will be able to reload it online or over the phone, allowing you to skip ticket lines and go directly to the lift. 


Our Direct to Lift card costs a one time fee of $5 and can be purchased in conjunction with a lift product online or at any ticket window. Once you have your Direct to Lift Axess card, be sure to keep it so you can reload it for future visits.